How To Get The Most Out Of Your Turkey Fryer

We recently read tons of reviews of the best turkey fryers in the market. We, however, realize that even with the best equipment, when the skills are not there, you can’t get the most out of them. This is especially true with your turkey fryer. If the turkey isn’t prepared just right, you’ll still end up with bland, dry turkey meat. Don’t blame the fryer though. In this article we share with you some tips that will see you turning out the best turkey your friends and family have ever tasted. Keep reading to find out more. If you like the content share the webpage https://best4.reviews/ with your friends!

Choose The Right Bird 

It has happened to the best of us. You find the best-looking turkey in your local grocery store- plump and fresh- only to find out it doesn’t fit in your fryer. What a waste. Make sure you understand your fryer’s dimensions before setting out to buy a turkey. Moreover, account for displacement once you place the turkey in oil. When your fryer is full of oil, turkeys that just fit will displace a lot of oil, which in turn could be a recipe for disaster.

Besides that, for economy and efficiency reasons, don’t be quick to go for the largest bird you can find. No one wants to have left-overs after a party. Be conscious about the number of people that will attend your party. As a rule of thumb, two small birds are better than one large one. They absorb the rub much better and as such are tastier too!

Read Your Fryer Instructions 

As you probably so in our review of the best fryers on the market, not all fryers are the same. Even though you’re a seasoned chef, as long as you’ve bought a new fryer, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with it. Each fryer make has its nuances and character too, so you may need to adjust your recipe accordingly. Understanding your fryer begins with actually reading the manual!

Test Your New Fryer Before Hand 

You may be impatient to start cooking, but it is very important to test your fryer before using it. Remember you will be dealing with hot oil and gas- both of which are recipes for disasters. Moreover, practice makes perfect. By testing your fryers beforehand, you ensure that there are no surprises when you need to use it for an important event!

Test Your Thermometers

Your thermometers are so important when making a turkey. Don’t assume that they are calibrated as they should be. Make sure you do so before frying your turkey. For those of you that have never done so before there two ways in which you may calibrate your thermometers.

The first is known as the ice-point way. Fill a container with a mixture that half water and half ice. Submerge only the sensitive point of your thermometer in the mixture making sure that the tip has no contact with the container’s surface. Once stabilized the thermometer should indicate a temperature of thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

The second method is the opposite of the first. Fill a container with boiling water, and as before place the tip of the thermometer in, making sure it doesn’t come into contact with the container’s surface. Once stabilized it should indicate a temperature of approximately 211 degrees Fahrenheit.

Understand Your Cooking Oil 

Some will say that oil you use doesn’t matter, but we disagree. Certain oils are great for deep frying and others will produce disastrous results. There are two considerations to have when choosing what cooking oil you’ll use for your turkey- health and burning point. 

You cannot ignore the fact that deep frying isn’t exactly the healthiest way of cooking. That said, you want to use the healthiest oil available. The oils are mono-unsaturated, the worst are saturated and trans. Avoid those.  Peanut oil is largely recommended for deep frying turkey because it has a high burning point and is healthier than most oils. However, your normal vegetable oil and canola will do the trick as well.

Choose Fresh, Not Frozen

Besides health reasons, choosing fresh turkey as opposed to frozen turkey is particularly important when your deep frying. The reason is simple, you never know if the turkey will fully thaw out before you cook. That and its time consuming to thaw out a whole turkey. 

As you might know, it’s extremely risky to fry wet ingredients. You don’t want to end up with scalds or worse, to burn your house down! With frozen turkey, you may not know if there are still parts of the bird that are not quite thawed out.

Safety First 

As aforementioned, always remember that you’re working with two very dangerous ingredients – cooking oil and gas. As such you must take every precaution necessary to prevent disaster. Always make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand before frying.

4 Ways You Can Use To Improve Your Living Room Design

Your living room is a crucial space in your home. Not only is it situated in the center of the house, but it is also a room that experiences the most traffic. So, in essence, this place sees a lot of people going in and out of the house. 

Also, any living room forms the main section of the house. This is because a lot goes on here. You definitely watch your TV here, relax, play some games, host guests and at times take your meals from the living room.

Being one of the important rooms, your living room needs to look its best. There are certain design elements that you can incorporate to bring out the best of the place. Normally, you should consider your furniture, flooring and a couple of accessories when designing your living room. 

If you are looking to make the best of your living room, then I suggest that you check out the following ideas and see what works best for you.

1. Decorative Pillows

Whoever invented pillows probably had comfort in mind. However, you can still incorporate these items in your living room to make the place look better than before. Besides the aesthetic aspect of things, your guests will surely appreciate the comfort that accompanies living room cushions.

Usually, pillows go on your bed. Nevertheless, you can still get some lovely cushions for your living room seats. Their color and design are two elements that you should totally consider when upgrading your living room. 

Go for colorful pillows if your living room has a bold coloring aspect. Matching color accents is crucial to the general outlook of your living room. For example, if your sofa is grey colored, throw in a refreshing yellow cushion or two to spice things up.

2. Work On Your Floor

If you are not very careful, your living room floor can be a bit dull. If you don’t have anything to cover the bottom, then rest assured your guests will be less than impressed by your efforts.

There are a couple of ways to play around with your walls and other interior accessories like furniture pieces. But floors often get neglected. That is why you should consider carpeting.

Leanne Ford Interiors make some impressive carpets that will add a splash of color to your living room. Also, their stylish rugs will delight anyone who decides to just relax in the room. The coziness is unmatched whichever way you want to view it.

3. Go For A Bold Wallpaper

Now wallpapers are undoubtedly the best way you can lighten up your living room. These pieces of art are the first thing anyone will see when they enter your home.

Everyone got a preference when it comes to interior design. With this in mind, there are a ton of wallpaper options to choose from. You can opt for mono-colored wallpapers or floral print. However, the former can be a bit dull and unexciting.

Contrast is key to any art form. That is why you should try and mix up your wallpaper Vis a Vis your living room components. Try combining classical wallpaper elements with modern furniture. Or even the other way around.

4. Consider Artworks

Nothing livens up your home more than art. Granted, there isn’t an exact piece that gets the job done. This will all build down to what you like.

With your living room, you can use some modern art pieces to make a statement. Frequently, a lot of people will mistake art as some expensive way to decorate your house. But this doesn’t really have to be the case.

Tappan collective hosts some trailblazing art forms that will definitely stand out anywhere in your home. Hang them on your living room walls and watch as your guests marvel at your design acumen. You can never go side-ways with an excellent piece of art.

Because of the significance of any living room in your home, you must make the best out of it. These are some excellent ways to bring out the best in your living room’s design.

When designing your living room, you should consider what you like and what you don’t. Thereafter, know that colors are essential to the whole setup. Throw in some rainbows in there as well. And as always, work within your budget.

Designing your living room doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. For instance, artworks can be a bit costly to buy. But there are plenty of places like flea markets where you can nab something exciting. So check on these items and watch as you living room comes to life.